Rinko Kawauchi is a Japanese photographer that has been a huge inspiration in my work. Her techniques encapsulate everyday moments with a special attention to light and form, giving her pictures an ethereal feeling. I wanted to emulate that by shooting from the hip, with varied shutter speeds and focus, giving shots an impromptu style.













The Hershey Company make some of the most popular candies including Hershey chocolate bars, Reese’s cups, and KitKat bars. A lesser known one is Whatchamacallit, not normally seen on shelves. I used their existing branding and played off the name to make an ad campaign that includes a billboard, social media posts, different packaging, and in-store signage.



















The Homeless Period Project is a non-profit organization that works to provide menstrual products to homeless and low income areas.I designed an ad campaign to bring attention to the fact that sometimes women need to improvise their products. The 360 campaign includes two transit ads, a billboard, social media post, and a magazine ad.

















Leapfrog has always been at the forefront of innovation when it comes to toys that invoke learning. Over time, technology and childrens’ interests have changed dramatically and Leap Frog needs to hop ahead of the competition in order to take the lead once more. Enter Leapfrog and Friends. Did you have an imaginary friend as a kid? Most kids do, but for the first time, children can make their imaginary friend a reality. With a dedicated website, mobile app, and a haptic feedback plush, Leapfrog and Friends will make dreams come true! Features include intuitive customization, parental controls, and playdates between users and their friends which helps teach important social skills.






















Get ready for the opening of Kintsugine, a restaurant mixing together Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Indian styles of cooking into one bowl. The name is a play off the Japanese technique kintsugi, and ine (meaning rice). Each dish involves a type of rice and two styles of cooking.




















As a freelance photographer for 2 years, and a portrait photographer for an additional 3.5 years, I’ve learned a lot about how to catch artwork through the lens. Here is a collection of recent work that I am proud of.













Maria Manic is a wrestler for the company Ring of Honor. She’s known for roughing up security and throwing them out of the ring. Designing a shirt for her was an honor, but I also didn’t want to see her reaction if I declined.










When Covid-19 came to the USA, we closed everything except for essential businesses, and everyone was directed to self-isolate. If you needed to go outside you were required to wear a mask and keep a distance of six feet from others. I went out to different grocery stores and took photographs of people doing their normal routine in an abnormal situation.


















Wholesomeness and punk clash this Christmas with Hallmark XMAS Collection. Their line of new cards also comes with an app, a microsite, and advertising through transit signs, social media, and two commercials.