Black Craft Cult clothing has been the choice for punks, goths, and anyone else who goes against the norm. My model identifies as transgender, and likes wearing this brand. Media almost never uses transgender models. It’s fitting putting together an alternative clothing brand with people who aren’t portrayed as often as they should.










Coasty is a real paper straw company with a real problem of breaking away from the competition. The best way to do that is with eye-catching imagery, and putting the products’ strengths on a pedestal. Our plan to put Coasty on the map includes B2B direct mail, social media ads, social media presence, and a movement to clean the coast and attract potential environmentalist customers. This was a collaboration with Tyler Brown.


























Ben & Jerry’s has done a lot in terms of campaigning different issues. One issue that isn’t well known is children with mental illnesses going diagnosed or it’s brushed off as acting out. Ben & Jerry’s fun branding, history of campaigning of various topics, and their product seemed like a good match for this issue.










Abuse is hard to look at, so it’s often swept under the rug by victim and aggressor alike. Displaying abuse out in the open is not a comfortable thing, but I believe issues like these need to be talked about and dealt with. This series was made to visualize how it feels to be trapped, shut down, and living in fear.



















Geometry, structure, and balance. These are the things that world famous photographer, Lewis Baltz, considers heavily when snapping shots. Taking on this elegant style was a daunting, yet rewarding experience. Finding those perfect opportunities in the wild can prove challenging, but I believe this collection of photos did just that.